The 6 Toys You Need For Pool Fun

Pool toys are a quintessential part of any summertime poolside experience. From colorful inflatable floaties and beach balls to water guns and diving rings, these toys add an extra layer of fun and excitement to a day at the pool. Whether you’re looking to relax on a comfortable lounge float or engage in a friendly water balloon fight, pool toys cater to all ages and preferences, making them an essential component of creating lasting memories under the sun.

Water Balloons

Reusable water balloons are a fantastic eco-friendly alternative to traditional single-use water balloons. Made from durable materials like silicone or fabric, these innovative toys can be filled with water, providing all the fun of a water balloon fight without the waste. Simply fill, toss, and repeat! They’re not only cost-effective but also environmentally conscious, reducing plastic waste and helping to protect the planet.


Reusable Water Bomb Balloons

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Durable and Long-lasting: Users praise the durability of these reusable water balloons, which provide hours of fun without easily breaking.

Easy to Fill: Customers find them easy to fill, making them a hassle-free option for water balloon fights.

Eco-friendly: These balloons offer an environmentally conscious alternative to single-use water balloons, reducing plastic waste.


Potential for Pain: Some users caution that these balloons can hurt when hit at close range or on sensitive areas.

Hinge Sensitivity: There are mentions of balloons bursting open if squeezed at the hinge, so gentle handling is recommended.

Pricey: A few customers mention the higher price compared to disposable water balloons but acknowledge the long-term savings.

Inflatable Sports

Inflatable pool sports add an extra layer of excitement to any poolside gathering. Whether it’s a friendly game of water polo, a thrilling match of volleyball, or even a mini basketball tournament, these inflatable sports accessories turn your pool into a playground. They provide endless entertainment for both kids and adults, helping to create memorable moments of fun and competition under the sun.


3 Sets Pool Toys Games for Adults and Family

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Easy Inflation: Users found these pool toys easy to inflate, making them convenient for immediate fun.

Durable: Users reported that the toys were very durable, even with rough play.

Versatile: Some users mentioned that these toys can be used both in the pool and on dry ground.


Size Expectations: Some users mentioned that the inflatables were smaller than they expected.

Air Loss: A few users experienced air loss, particularly with the basketball hoop, although it could be re-inflated.

Minor Quality Issues: Some users noted minor quality issues like points on the hoop windows that didn’t affect gameplay significantly.

Diving Toys

Diving toys are the perfect aquatic companions for kids and adults who love pool adventures. These toys, often designed as colorful rings, torpedoes, or weighted objects, add an element of excitement to swimming by creating underwater treasure hunts and diving challenges. They not only encourage water confidence and swimming skills but also spark endless creativity as divers of all ages search for and retrieve these submerged treasures.


30 Pcs Diving Pool Toys for Kids

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Variety of Play Options: This set of pool toys offers a wide variety of shapes and sizes, providing endless opportunities for water play, from diving for toys to tossing them around.

Durable: Many users appreciate the durability of these toys, which are well-made and can withstand active play, making them a good value for the price.

Learning Aid: Parents find these toys useful for helping their children learn to swim and dive, making the pool experience both fun and educational.


Packaging Waste: Some users mention excessive plastic packaging, as each set of toys is packaged separately. While the toys themselves are durable, the packaging generates unnecessary plastic waste.

Floating Toys: A few customers note that certain toys, like the rings, may not stay afloat as expected. The foam pieces that help them float can sometimes fall out.

Small Parts: The set includes jewel-like toys that some users consider a choking hazard, and they might not be suitable for pool cleaners as they could get stuck.

Water Guns

Water guns are classic summer toys that bring endless fun on hot days. These colorful, handheld devices allow you to engage in exciting water battles with friends and family. Whether you’re having a friendly skirmish in the backyard or organizing an epic water fight at the beach, water guns provide a refreshing way to cool off while enjoying some friendly competition.


Max Liquidator 6-Pack Water Blaster Set

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Impressive Range: These water blasters offer a maximum range of around 30 feet, surpassing typical super-soakers, making them great for long-distance water battles.

Quick Refill: Filling them up is a breeze, especially with a bucket of water on hand, ensuring minimal downtime during water fights.

Affordable and Value Pack: With a pack of six at an affordable price, they offer great value for your money.


Water Reservoir: They don’t have a water reservoir, so they must be used in a pool, lake, or ocean for effectiveness, limiting their use to aquatic environments.

Foam Exterior: The outer foam construction, while soft and safe, can be easily torn or damaged by toddlers who like to pick at objects.

Potential for Loss: Despite their bright colors and floatability, there’s still a risk of losing them in larger bodies of water if not retrieved promptly.

Waterproof Cameras

Waterproof cameras are a game-changer for capturing memories in aquatic environments. Whether you’re snorkeling in crystal-clear waters, splashing around in the pool, or even braving the waves, these cameras offer the versatility to document your adventures without worrying about water damage. Many models are also shockproof and freeze-proof, making them suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities.


Kids Waterproof Camera

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Sturdy and Easy to Use: This kids’ camera is durable and user-friendly, making it ideal for children.

Waterproof: The camera comes with a waterproof case, allowing it to be used underwater and in wet environments.

Durable and Drop-Resistant: The camera withstands drops and rough handling, making it a reliable choice for kids.


Limited Image Clarity: While it provides decent quality, the images and videos may not match the standards of higher-end cameras.

Quiet Audio: The audio recorded by the camera can be relatively quiet, especially when used with the waterproof case.

Limited Storage: The camera may have limited internal storage, so you may need to manage the storage or use an external SD card.

Pool Games

Pool games are a fantastic way to add fun and excitement to a day by the pool. Whether you’re splashing around with friends and family or seeking a solo challenge, there’s a pool game for everyone. Classics like Marco Polo, water volleyball, and pool basketball provide hours of entertainment and help you stay active while cooling off.


COOP by SwimWays Hydro Hockey Inflatable

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Big Kid and Family-Friendly: This inflatable pool air hockey game is perfect for kids and adults alike, providing endless entertainment for pool parties and family gatherings.

Creative Water Play: Water on the surface of the game board allows the puck to glide smoothly, adding a unique twist to traditional air hockey.

Floats Well: The game board and puck float effectively on water, allowing for easy retrieval and minimal risk of loss.


Limited Gameplay: Some users mention that the game doesn’t allow for continuous volleys as in traditional air hockey, as the puck often comes to a stop before being hit again.

Water-Dependent: To optimize gameplay, the board may need to be wetted to help the puck glide smoothly, which could lead to water splashing around the pool.

Basic Accessories: While the game includes two controllers and one puck, it doesn’t offer a variety of additional components or features.

In conclusion, pool toys are more than just fun accessories for a day at the pool; they are the catalysts for unforgettable summer memories. From inflatable floats that let you soak up the sun in style to games that challenge your competitive spirit, the world of pool toys is as diverse as it is exciting. These toys not only provide entertainment and amusement but also promote physical activity and social interaction.