6 Items for The Hottest Dog Days This Summer

As the sun blazes overhead and temperatures soar, it’s time to gear up for the hottest dog days of summer. While our furry friends might be seeking some relief from the scorching heat, we’ve compiled a list of six essential items that will help both you and your canine companion beat the heat and make the most of this sizzling season.

Travel Water Bottles

Travel water bottles for dogs are the ultimate companions for pet owners on the go. These ingenious bottles combine a water container and a drinking bowl in one portable package, making it effortless to keep your furry friend hydrated during your adventures. Whether you’re on a road trip, hiking through nature trails, or simply enjoying a day at the park, these convenient bottles ensure that clean, fresh water is always within reach for your canine companion.


Leak-Proof Portable Travel Dog Water Dispenser

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Convenient Hydration: These dog water bottles provide a quick and convenient way to keep your canine companion hydrated, especially during outdoor activities like hikes, walks, and trips.

Leak-Proof Design: Most of these bottles are designed to be leak-proof, preventing any unnecessary spills in your bag or car.

Portability: Designed for on-the-go use, these bottles often come with handles or straps for easy carrying, ensuring your dog has access to water wherever you are.


Limited Capacity: While these bottles are convenient, their capacity is limited, so they may not be suitable for long journeys or multiple dogs.

Learning Curve: It may take some dogs a little time to get used to drinking from these bottles, especially if they are accustomed to traditional bowls.

Attachment Options: Some users find the wrist straps or handles on these bottles to be a bit cumbersome, especially when juggling other items during walks or hikes.

Water Bowl

Dog water bowls are fundamental accessories for ensuring your canine companion stays hydrated and healthy. These essential pet items come in various shapes, sizes, and materials to cater to your dog’s specific needs. From stainless steel and ceramic bowls that are easy to clean and maintain to non-slip and spill-resistant designs, there’s a water bowl for every pup.


LumoLeaf Dog Water Bowl

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Mess-Free Drinking: Many dog owners appreciate how this water bowl effectively prevents spills and splashes, keeping their floors clean and dry. It’s particularly helpful for dogs with messy drinking habits.

Slows Down Drinking: For dogs prone to drinking too quickly, this bowl can encourage a slower pace, reducing the risk of gulping and digestive issues.

Effective Design: The floating disc design is well-received, as it limits the amount of water accessible to the dog at one time, reducing the chances of spills and dribbles.


Learning Curve: While many dogs adapt easily to this bowl, a small number may take some time to figure out how to access the water.

Possible Mold Issue: One user mentioned that water can seep into the hollow floating piece, potentially leading to mold growth if not cleaned properly.

Water Capacity: A few users note that the bowl may not hold as much water as traditional bowls, requiring more frequent refills.

Splash Pads

Dog splash pads are a delightful addition to any pet owner’s outdoor space, providing a safe and enjoyable way for dogs to cool off and have fun during hot summer days. These water play areas are typically designed with non-slip surfaces and water jets that shoot out refreshing streams of water, enticing dogs to frolic and play. Dog splash pads are not only entertaining for our furry friends but also serve as an excellent way to keep them hydrated while ensuring they don’t overheat in the sun.


Peteast Dog Splash Pad

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Durable Construction: Resistant to punctures, even from large dogs with sharp nails.

Customizable Water Pressure: Allows for water pressure adjustments to suit different preferences.

Easy Setup: Straightforward assembly by connecting a hose, making it hassle-free to start using.


Not Suitable for All Dogs: Some dogs may be initially scared of the sprinkler, and not all dogs may enjoy playing with it.

Potential Puncture Risk: Dogs with long nails might puncture the sides, although a patch kit is provided for repairs.

Not Immediate Play: Users noted that it takes time for the outer ring to fill with water before the sprinkling effect begins, suggesting that it’s a good idea to start it before letting dogs out to play.

Paw Cleaners

Keeping a dog’s paws clean is crucial for helping them stay cool, especially during the scorching summer months. Dogs regulate their body temperature through panting and the sweat glands in their paws. When their paw pads are clean and free from dirt and debris, they can efficiently release heat through these sweat glands, aiding in the cooling process.


Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner

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Effective Cleaning: Many customers praise the Mudbuster for its effectiveness in cleaning their dogs’ paws. It can remove mud, dirt, and debris, leaving the paws much cleaner.

Cost-Effective: Users mention that the Mudbuster is more cost-effective than using multiple paw wipes, as it requires only water and optional dog shampoo or soap for cleaning.

Easy to Clean: The Mudbuster is easy to clean after use, and it is dishwasher-safe, making maintenance hassle-free.


Sizing Issues: One customer mentioned that the available sizes did not fit their dog’s specific paw size and shape, suggesting the need for additional size options.

Initial Training: Some dogs may need time to get used to the sensation of the Mudbuster on their paws, so initial training and positive reinforcement may be necessary.

Water Spillage: There were a few comments about water spillage during use, which can be messy if not managed properly.

Dog Shoes

Dog shoes provide essential protection for a dog’s paws, especially during scorching hot weather. Pavements and sidewalks can become incredibly hot under the sun, and this intense heat can burn and damage a dog’s sensitive paw pads. Dog shoes act as a barrier, shielding their paws from direct contact with hot surfaces. They are designed to be comfortable and breathable while providing insulation from the heat.


Dog Shoes for Large Dogs

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Reflectors: Some of the boots have reflectors, which enhance visibility during night walks, increasing safety for both the dog and the owner.

Adjustable Straps: The double Velcro straps on each boot make it easy to adjust for a secure fit on the dog’s legs.

Protection: These boots provide protection for dogs’ paws against hot pavement, sharp objects, and other potential hazards, which is particularly important in extreme weather conditions.


Durability: Some reviewers mentioned that the rubber soles wore down quickly, particularly with regular use, and the tread patterns may become less pronounced.

Fit for Back Paws: Some users suggested that the boots should be sold as a set of two, as dogs’ back feet are often smaller than their front feet. This can result in an extra roomy fit for the back paws.

Initial Adjustment Period: It may take some time and patience to get dogs used to wearing the boots, and there might be a slight adjustment period during which they walk differently.

Dog Sunscreen

Dog sunscreen is a crucial tool for protecting our furry friends from the harmful effects of the sun. Just like humans, dogs can suffer from sunburn, particularly in areas with thin fur or exposed skin, such as their noses, ears, and bellies. Dog-specific sunscreen is formulated to be safe for their skin and is free from harmful chemicals. Applying dog sunscreen helps prevent painful sunburns, reduces the risk of skin cancer, and ensures our canine companions can enjoy their outdoor adventures safely under the sun, making it an essential part of responsible pet care during sunny days.


Dog Sunscreen Sun Skin Protector Spray

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Effectiveness: Many users have found this sunscreen spray effective in protecting their dogs from the sun, preventing sunburn, and reducing skin damage, especially on dogs with fair or sensitive skin.

Non-Greasy: Users appreciate that the product is not greasy, so it doesn’t leave a sticky residue on their dogs’ fur or skin.

Long-Lasting: Users have noted that the sunscreen lasts for a reasonable amount of time and provides protection for their dogs, even during extended outdoor activities.


Application to the Face: Users have noted that applying the spray to their dogs’ faces can be challenging due to the spray’s wide coverage, so they recommend spraying it on a paper towel and then applying it to the face.

Spray vs. Lotion: Some users expressed a preference for a lotion or thicker consistency instead of a spray, as they found it easier to apply, especially on their dogs’ faces.

Size of Spray Area: The wide spray area of the bottle can make it challenging to apply the product precisely, particularly on small or sensitive areas.

In conclusion, protecting your dog from the sun’s rays is not just a matter of comfort but a vital aspect of responsible pet care. From sunscreen to doggy sunglasses, cooling mats, and protective clothing, there are numerous tools available to shield your four-legged friend from the sun’s harmful effects.