6 Best Lazy Cooking Products for Your Microwave

Microwaves are a lifesaver when it comes to quick and convenient cooking. For those lazy days when you’d rather not spend hours in the kitchen, there are some ingenious products designed to make microwave cooking a breeze. Here are 6 must-have lazy cooking products for your microwave. These items will not only save you time but also ensure your meals turn out delicious. Let’s dive in!

Microwave Steamers

Microwave steamers are a game-changer for lazy cooking. They allow you to prepare healthy and flavorful dishes in minutes. Look for BPA-free options, so you can steam your veggies, protein, and grains all at once. Cleanup is a breeze, making this a must-have for busy individuals.


Sistema Microwave Steamer

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Large Capacity: Many users appreciate the steamer’s large capacity, which can easily handle enough vegetables for a family meal or meal prep.

Efficient Steaming: Users report that the steamer efficiently steams vegetables, both fresh and frozen, resulting in perfectly cooked veggies.

Quick Cooking: Many users note that steaming with this product is faster than other cooking methods, such as boiling, making meal preparation quicker.


Lid Locking Difficulty: Some users have experienced difficulties with the lid locking mechanism, finding it challenging to close all four sides securely.

Hot to Touch: The steamer can get quite hot after microwaving, making it challenging to handle immediately without oven mitts or protection.

Microwave Ramen Cookers

Cooking ramen couldn’t be easier with a microwave ramen cooker. These handy gadgets let you cook ramen to perfection without the need for a stovetop. Just add water, instant ramen, and pop it in the microwave. No more waiting for water to boil or messy stovetop cleanups.


AI LOVE PEACE Speedy Ramen Cooker

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Versatility: The bowl is versatile and can be used for various purposes, including cooking ramen, making soup, and microwaving leftovers.

Size: The bowl is a suitable size for making ramen noodles and can accommodate both round and rectangular ramen blocks.

Leak-Proof: The bowl has a secure seal that prevents leaks when carrying hot liquids or food.


Chopsticks: Some users found the included metal chopsticks unnecessary or inconvenient for cleaning.

Color Options: Users suggested having different color combinations for the bowls.

Microwave Pasta Makers

Microwave Pasta Cookers are a versatile kitchen tool designed to simplify the pasta cooking process. Say goodbye to the hassle of boiling water and monitoring pasta on the stovetop. This convenient cooker allows you to prepare perfectly cooked pasta dishes in just minutes, right in your microwave.


The Original Fasta Pasta

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Time-Saver: Users have praised its efficiency, with some reporting significant time savings.

Reduced Cleanup: Users appreciate the built-in strainer, which reduces the number of dishes to clean.

Compact Design: The Fasta Pasta cooker’s compact size makes it easy to store in a small kitchen.


Limited Capacity: It can only cook up to four servings at a time, so it may not be suitable for larger families or gatherings.

Learning Curve: Users may need some trial and error to determine the right water levels and cooking times for their microwave and pasta preferences.

Microwave Bacon Cookers

For the bacon lovers out there, a microwave bacon cooker is a godsend. It cooks bacon evenly and without the splatter. Say goodbye to frying pans and paper towels. Get crispy bacon effortlessly and enjoy your breakfast in no time.


Microwavable Bacon Grill

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Easy to Use: Users find this bacon cooker easy to use for making bacon and other similar foods in the microwave.

Quick Cooking: It cooks bacon quickly, saving time compared to stovetop cooking.

Bacon Quality: Users report that the bacon cooked in this device turns out well and can be adjusted to preferred levels of crispiness.


Size: It may not fit well in smaller microwaves, so users with compact microwaves might have difficulty using it.

Grease Drainage: While it has grooves to catch grease, some users find that certain parts of the bacon still sit in the grease, affecting the crispness of the bacon.

Microwave Egg Makers

Creating a fluffy egg in the microwave is a cinch with the right tool. Egg makers specifically designed for microwaves ensure your eggs are perfectly cooked and can be filled with your favorite ingredients. It’s a lazy yet tasty breakfast or brunch solution.


Nordic Ware Easy Breakfast

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Great for College Students: Users suggest that this product would make an excellent gift for college students or anyone with a busy lifestyle.

Kid-Friendly: Parents appreciate that it allows their children to make breakfast independently without needing to use the stove.

Perfect Poached Eggs: Users report that it works well for making poached eggs when cooked slowly and at low power.


Cleaning Delay: Users note that if the product isn’t cleaned immediately after use, it can be challenging to clean.

Specific Cooking Instructions: While some users have shared their cooking methods, there are no specific cooking instructions included with the product, which may lead to trial and error for some users.

Microwave Popcorn Makers

Movie night at home just got better with a microwave popcorn popper. Say goodbye to store-bought microwave popcorn bags filled with preservatives. Pop your own corn with your choice of seasoning for a healthier and more delicious snack.


Micro-Pop Microwave Popcorn Popper

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Efficiency: Users generally find the microwave popcorn popper efficient in popping kernels, often with fewer unpopped kernels than store-bought microwave bags.

Reusable and Eco-Friendly: It’s reusable, which is considered environmentally friendly compared to single-use microwave popcorn bags.

Easy to Clean: Several users mention that it’s easy to clean, either by hand or in the dishwasher.


Limited Serving Size: For those who prefer larger portions, the popper’s single-serving size might be a limitation.

Butter Flavor: Some users report that while it can melt butter, the butter flavor may not evenly distribute on the popcorn.

Initial Unpopped Kernels: In some cases, users initially experienced more unpopped kernels until they fine-tuned their process.

Incorporating these lazy cooking products into your kitchen arsenal can transform your microwave into a versatile and efficient cooking tool. Whether you’re in a hurry or just looking to simplify your cooking routine, these products will help you prepare tasty meals with minimal effort. Say hello to stress-free microwave cooking!