5 Home Accessibility Products To Make Life Easier

Creating a home that is not only comfortable but also accessible is a goal we should all strive for. Whether you’re living with a disability, planning for future accessibility needs, or simply seeking to make your home more accommodating for everyone, the right products can make a world of difference. In this blog post, we’re going to introduce you to five must-have accessible products that can transform your living space into a haven of convenience, safety, and inclusivity.

Jar Openers

Accessible jar openers are innovative devices designed to provide assistance to individuals with limited hand strength or mobility challenges. These handy tools come in various forms, from simple, non-slip mats to electric-powered models, and they play a crucial role in promoting independence in the kitchen.


Higher Torque and One Touch Electric Jar Opener

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Ease of Use: Users find this jar opener incredibly easy to use, even with limited hand strength or mobility issues, making it a valuable tool for those with arthritis or similar conditions.

Versatility: It appears to work on both plastic and metal jar lids, making it suitable for a wide range of containers.

Effective: Many users report that the opener effectively opens various types and sizes of jars, including stubborn lids, providing much-needed assistance in the kitchen.


Moisture Sensitivity: Some users note that the rubber grippers on the opener may slip if there’s moisture on the jar, requiring the jar to be dried before use.

Speed: It’s mentioned that the jar opener might work relatively slowly, but its effectiveness compensates for the time it takes.

Noise: While not a significant issue for most users, a few mention that the opener makes noise during operation.

Hair Elastics

Accessible hair elastics are a thoughtful innovation in the world of hair accessories, designed to ensure ease of use for individuals with dexterity challenges or limited hand mobility. These elastics typically feature user-friendly designs, such as large, easy-to-grip tabs or hooks, making them effortless to fasten around hair. They cater to the diverse needs of people with disabilities or conditions like arthritis, offering a stylish and practical solution for securing hair with minimal effort.


Bunzee Bands

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Effective for AfroPuffs: Users have found these hair ties to be particularly effective in creating and maintaining AfroPuffs, especially for individuals with thick, kinky, or coily hair.

Adjustable Tension: The hair ties can be easily adjusted to the desired tension, making them suitable for various hair types and styles.

Comfortable to Wear: Many users appreciate that these headbands are comfortable to wear and do not cause headaches, unlike traditional ponytail holders or hair ties.


Price: Some users find the price relatively high for a single hair tie, although many consider it worth the investment due to its durability and effectiveness.

Bead Caution: There is a learning curve to avoid catching hair in the bead when adjusting the hair tie, and not doing so can lead to hair getting tangled.

Reaching Tools

These versatile devices extend one’s reach, making it easier to access objects that are high up, low down, or at a distance. They promote safety by reducing the need to overstretch or bend, preventing accidents and strain-related injuries. Reach grabbers are particularly helpful for individuals with mobility limitations or those recovering from surgery, as they enable independent living and enhance daily tasks like picking up dropped items or reaching for objects on high shelves.


Reaching Tool Heavy-Duty

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Extra-Long Reach: With a length of 48 inches, this grabber is not just for the elderly but suitable for anyone needing to access items in hard-to-reach places.

Secure Reinforcement: The inclusion of reinforcement clips when the tool is fully extended adds to its stability, ensuring a strong grip.

Magnetic Tips: The built-in magnets on the ends of the tool are handy for picking up small metal objects.


Length Can Be Overwhelming: For individuals with shorter arm reach, the extra-long length might pose challenges when trying to grab items and pass them to the free hand.

No Retractable Handle: Having a button to retract the handle for easier retrieval of items picked up would be a useful addition, but it might increase the cost.

Air Fryers

Accessible air fryers are a kitchen innovation that cater to a wide range of individuals, including those with disabilities. These user-friendly appliances offer a simple and efficient way to cook crispy and delicious meals with minimal effort. Accessible air fryers typically feature easy-to-read digital displays, tactile buttons, and audible feedback for the visually impaired.


COSORI Pro II Smart Air Fryer

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Easy to Maintain and Clean: The air fryer is reported to be easy to clean, with a basket that can be cleaned even after it cools down.

Size: The 5-quart size is suitable for small to large cooking needs, offering spacious cooking capacity.

Time Efficiency: Users appreciate the air fryer’s ability to cook quickly without constant monitoring, allowing them to multitask.


Size: While the 5-quart size is spacious for cooking, it may take up significant countertop space in smaller kitchens.

No Seconds Countdown: The COSORI Pro LE 5-Quart fryer lacks a seconds countdown during the final minute of cooking.

Inability to Save Presets: Some users found the inability to save custom presets in certain COSORI models to be a limitation.

No-Tie Shoe Laces

No-tie shoelaces are a modern and practical alternative to traditional laces. Made from elastic materials, these laces eliminate the need for tedious tying and untying of knots. They offer a convenient slip-on and off solution for shoes, saving time and ensuring a secure fit. No-tie laces are not only practical but also versatile, suitable for various shoe types and accessible to people with different needs, including those with limited dexterity or disabilities.


HICKIES Tie-Free Laces

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Convenience: No-tie shoelaces, like Hickies, offer a convenient and time-saving alternative to traditional laces. They transform regular shoes into easy-to-slip-on footwear, eliminating the need for tying and untying knots.

Customization: No-tie laces provide a customizable fit. Users can adjust the tightness or looseness of their shoes by configuring the laces in various ways, making them suitable for different activities and foot shapes.

Accessibility: These laces are ideal for individuals with limited dexterity or disabilities, as they simplify the process of putting on and taking off shoes, promoting greater independence.


Breakage: While many users find no-tie laces to be durable, some have reported instances of breakage or wear and tear after extended use, which can be frustrating given the price point.

Elasticity: The elasticity of these laces may not be suitable for all activities. Athletes, for instance, may prefer the stability provided by traditional laces in some situations.

Limited Use: Not all types of shoes are compatible with no-tie laces, especially those with unconventional lace systems or very small lace holes.

In conclusion, accessible home products play a pivotal role in enhancing the quality of life for individuals with disabilities and aging populations. These products not only foster independence but also promote inclusivity, allowing people of all abilities to thrive within the comfort of their homes.